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Introduction To Car Spray blog

   Modern-day cars like everything else is becoming more and more complex, full of electronics, sensors, and driver-assist systems to help and reduce the possibility of accident or injury and increase the comfort and driving pleasure.

The same goes for car bodywork, tolerances are shrinking, preparation and paint application technologies constantly changing with many car manufacturers trying to get that very special color for your car. The variety of the car colors never was so plentiful and the complexity of paint was never so high. and still, there’s always a question which comes to car enthusiast’s minds. Can I do it myself? Can I repair that tiny scratch or dent on my door, or can I get this scuff fixed on my bumper corner myself and to not go to costly car body repair garage? In most cases the answer is No. Or should I say, well it depends on your car and the standards you have.

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I’m sure of one thing, you will never achieve 100% unnoticeable repair without having any tools and skills. Even worse, you can make it look much worse than it was. Youtube can get you motivated and pumped up, but doesn’t everything look easy on YouTube? Doesn’t every car look spotless in pictures but you find out it’s a little bit rough on the edges in real life?

However, there are many things you can do yourself, especially when it comes to looking after your car’s exterior and interior and this is why I’m starting this DIY Tips section on Hillside Car Spray Facebook page and on our website.